by Millie Criswell

April 2001
ISBN: 0-446-60497-6
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Dangerous is the second book of The Lawman Trilogy series by Millie Criswell. We initially met Mr. Ethan Bodine in the first book of the series, Desperate. Ethan is a Texas Ranger and he takes his duties very seriously. After his brother, Rafe, killed a man who had murdered his wife and unborn child, Ethan has a sworn duty to capture Rafe and bring him to trial. Ethan is just hoping that he will be able to find Rafe before any one else does given that there is a bounty on his head and he is wanted dead or alive.

Wilhemina Granville is a horticulturist turned bounty hunter. She wasn't looking for a career change, but when the aunts who raised her in were in danger of losing their home, she didn't have much of a choice but to try to raise the money needed any way possible. When she sees the poster for a $500 reward to bring in Rafe Bodine, she realizes that is the answer to her problems. Inevitably, Ethan and Willy, as her friends call her, soon meet up since they are both on the trail of the same man. Ethan can't take the chance that Willy might find Rafe before he does and shoot first and ask questions later so he suggests that they search for him together. Willy sees the wisdom in his plan since she's not much of a tracker and isn't so sure about surviving in the wild. However, Willy fears she is more in danger of losing her heart to Ethan than her life to the unknown trials of life as a bounty hunter.

Their journey to locate Rafe finds Ethan and Willy in some very interesting situations - one being in a Mormon community pretending to be husband and wife. It is rather amusing to see how Willy reacts when a widow is hot after Ethan to make her his "second wife". However, Willy wants to be Ethan's wife in reality and won't settle for less. But Ethan would rather face an army of desperados than be shackled by a wife.

Ethan and Willy are about as different as two people can be and Dangerous proves the old adage that opposites really do attract. Ethan thinks that women are useless, ornamental creatures and Willy is a women's rights activist who plans on proving to Ethan that women are equal to men. The conversations (AKA arguments) between Willy and Ethan are often hilarious and the interactions between them were very entertaining - in and out of bed!

The first book of a series is often the best, but in this case I enjoyed Dangerous even more than the preceding novel of this trilogy. I'm looking forward to reading Defiant in hopes that Millie Criswell has saved the best for last.

Reviewed in August 2001 by Nicole.

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