by Mlyn Hurn

June 2003
ISBN: 1-84360-531-7
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Reclusive actor, Don Donaldson, needs to learn how to dance in order to cinch a part in an upcoming movie. He convinces a good friend to slip him into a dance class at the very last minute under his real name, Mac McDonald.

Ophelia Landis had always aspired to be a prima ballerina until an tragic incident ripped her dreams away. Now she works as a dance instructor at a local college. There she meets Mac and her world changes yet again.

Ms. Hurn writes a story about instant attraction and life`s choices in His Dance Lessons. Mac and Ophelia have a hard time fighting their attraction for each other. However, their relationship evolves from that of teacher and student, to one of lovers. Both Mac and Ophelia are willing to sacrifice their careers in order to remain by each other`s side.

While this was a nice romance and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a quick, easy read, it did not flow well for me. There were times it seemed to be taking a look into the past when in actuality, the events were happening currently. Also, Ophelia tends to say one thing at the beginning of a conversation and completely change her mind on her own by the end. Due to the Hard R rating of this book, I expected more of a plot to make up for the lack of erotic content, however, this was not the case.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Vikky.

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