by Thea Harrison

August 2011
ISBN: 978-0-425-24266-7
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Mass Market Paperback

Urien is dead, who will rule the Dark Fae now? The demesne in turmoil, a face from the past reveals her existence. Former PR spokeswoman for the Wyr, Thistle Periwinkle, reveals her true identity and her rightful place as Queen. Sole survivor of her family, slaughtered when Urien assumed the throne, she fled her homeland and was granted refuge with the Wyr leaders. Hiding in plain sight, the faerie known as Tricks has been the public face of the Wyr for decades. Now she must leave the safety of her Wyr family and enter the treacherous realm of the Dark Fae.

Tiago Black Eagle is one of the Wyr's most powerful sentinels. As a Thunderbird, he commands the weather and is a true apex predator. Along with the rest of the sentinels, he is worried about how Tricks, now using her real name Niniane, will survive long enough to ascend to the Dark Fae throne. She is so tiny and fragile, not to mention stubborn and annoying.

When a failed assassination attempt puts the faerie princess on the run, Tiago heads to Chicago to offer his protection. He could care less about diplomacy and political maneuvering. He just wants to keep Niniane safe.

Storm's Heart, the second book in the Elder Races series, crackles with passion and danger. Tiago will have his hands full keeping Niniane alive long enough to take control of the oppressed Dark Fae. This unlikely couple entertain readers with their tempestuous relationship. Author Thea Harrison has kept the momentum going in her newest book and laid the groundwork for the third. Her world continues to enchant readers as more details unfold.

Reviewed in July 2011 by Paula.

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