by Nina Bangs, Cheryl Holt, Kimberly Raye, Patricia Ryan

July 2003
ISBN: 0-312-31108-7
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Trade Paperback

With authors like Nina Bangs and Cheryl Holt, you can imagine that Burning Up lives up to it’s name. This erotic romance anthology pulls together diverse stories into one volume that sizzles on the shelf. Spanning the genre from paranormal to historical, Burning Up is a book that may cause you to adjust your air conditioning.

The Flame, by Nina Bangs, offers us a glimpse into the future. In this provocative tale, museum curator Serenity So-Fine has traveled from the year 2700 back to the 21st century to obtain the erotic sculpture The Flame from it’s creator. She doesn’t expect to find Justin Hill in his prime, with the sculpture only a fantasy in his mind. With both humor and with scintillating passion, this story seduces and entices the reader.

Cheryl Holt offers us a glimpse into The Wedding Night. Ellen Foster is an heiress, and she has married Viscount Banbury for his title. He received access to her funds, but neither one of them had any illusions about their union. This was to be a marriage of convenience, mutually agreed upon by both parties. When Ellen offers more than her husband expects, his suspicion turns into delight.

Burn Inc., by Kimberly Raye, takes us to the world of erotic films, where producer Gerry Baxter may know all about sex, but her own love-life sure needs a boost. A mistaken identity, and some red-hot passion shows Gerry that some things are bigger than the movie screen.

A lack of passion is the dilemma facing the heroine of Possessing Julia. On the eve of her marriage, the young woman is trying to find a way to explain how a widow with a five-year-old son can still be a virgin! Her intended groom is determined to marry a “proven” mother, and her family’s finances require extreme action. Author Patricia Ryan weaves a fine story about second chances.

I enjoyed all of these stories, even though they were quite diverse. The Flame is probably my personal favorite, but each novella was very enjoyable.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Paula.