by Linda Howard

September 2011
ISBN: 978-0-345-50691-7
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Angie Powell is selling out. She just cannot afford to run her outdoor guiding business any longer and she blames it on Dare Callahan, who has taken most of her business. However, until she finds a buyer for her property, she has one last guiding trip. It is a bear hunt with two men who seem more business casual than outdoorsmen. Angie also is not a big fan of bears, but she will do her best on the guide.

Unfortunately, things go wrong quickly. Angie is square in the middle of a bad business deal that is turning violent. She is on the run, but can she survive with a rampaging bear in the woods, amongst other villainous creatures?

Prey is not quite the Linda Howard story Iíve known and loved in the past. While it is definitely a swift moving story, itís also a story where the hero and heroine, the people who are supposed to fall in love, are barely on the pages together. I had a very difficult time in believing in Angie and Dare as a couple given the very few scenes they actually shared together. Also, this is a grizzly story. The scenes involving the bear slow the story down but are also gory and bloody. It seems Linda Howard has seen a bear attack one time too many with the lurid descriptions she uses.

Prey just had too many problems for me to truly like it. It is definitely a book you want to rent from the library rather than spend your money on. If the hero and heroine had had more screen time together, I think this book would have been much more interesting and had more humor to counter the death that runs amuck on the pages.

Reviewed in October 2011 by Sarah.

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