by Victoria Dahl

October 2011
ISBN: 9780373776023
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Mass Market Paperback

Bad Boys Do features the “bad” boy of the Donovan family, Jamie, and a woman who is looking for more fun in her life and finds it in spades with Jamie.

Olivia Bishop has always been a professor’s wife. She has lived a rather staid life, catering to her now ex-husband, a man who put himself and his career first. When she discovers his cheating, Olivia is finally done. Now she is living for herself and looking to have a bit more fun with her life. She is not going to go wild and crazy but certainly flirting with cute bartender Jamie Donovan will not harm anyone.

Only, Jamie has a lot more going on for himself than his ability with the ladies and Olivia is the first person to see beneath the surface of his happy go lucky personality to the man who wants to prove his merit to his family and himself. Jamie has many ideas for the family’s brewery but his older brother, Eric, will not take him seriously at all. Olivia will though and soon these two are getting cozy, talking restaurants and plans. But both believe it cannot be serious. Olivia is older than Jamie. He has never had a serious girlfriend so why would he choose her? As for Jamie, he is starting to fall hard and it will take more than just his charming personality to prove to Olivia that there is something great between them.

Bad Boys Do is the second book in Victoria Dahl’s Donovan Brothers Brewery series and it is another scorcher. Jamie is definitely not the irresponsible brother Eric paints him to be, though he does have some growing up to do. However, Jamie’s actions matched his words. He takes classes on restaurant management. He studies the business and he makes plans. He gets guidance from Olivia. This is not a man who is content being just a bartender. Olivia, likewise, is finally coming into her own. She is rediscovering a passion for a different profession; something she had put on hold after her marriage. She is making new friends and letting herself have fun and not be ruled by stuffiness. Jamie is part of this equation but the changes she is making are all Olivia.

These two seem on different roads but in fact, their paths come together very nicely, making for a very soulful and romantic love story. And ah, the heat and chemistry! Jamie may not be the playboy he was made out to be but he is definitely no slouch in the bedroom and he is more than willing to give into Olivia’s fantasies.

All in all, this proved to be a strong addition to this story. I wasn’t sure what to expect with Jamie but I was so pleasantly surprised. This is a couple who have the odds against them but say, screw it, and just go with what makes them happy, and that is being together. Bad Boys Do is sensational!

Reviewed in September 2011 by Sarah.

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