by Calista Fox

March 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4199-3277-9
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Yvette’s air conditioner is out in her condo and the part needed to fix it won’t be available until after the weekend. Leaving Yvette in a stuffy, hot condo over the weekend. Yvette strips off her dress on the way to her bedroom to get the satin sheet to place over the couch along with a fan and a spray bottle. There is only so much she can do to try to stay cool.

Little does she know that Finn would be making an appearance that night with the relief she needs for both of her problems. The heat in her condo and the heat she feels for Finn. It appears Finn has finally found the right medium for Yvette to agree to pose for him. His camera and ice.

What starts out as uncomfortable, sticky, trying to cool down turns into one hot erotic night that might just lead to more. Both are now ready to take the sexual tension between them to the next level. What better way to do that than ice during one of the hottest days in the summer.

The second in the Body Scenes series Melt Me doesn’t disappoint. Setting the scenes and Finn getting Yvette posed for the pictures are scorching and definitely ice melting. Ms. Fox shows how two people wait until the time is right for them to get exactly what they want. Each other.

Reviewed in April 2011 by Pam.

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