by Annette Blair

October 2003
ISBN: 0-8217-7468-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Kensington Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

Annette Blairís newest installment in her Rogue series is entitled An Unmistakable Rogue. Reed Gilbride has come to Sunnyledge to determine if he really is the heir of the long dead Earl of Barrington. Upon his arrival, he discovers that his house has been taken over by Chastity Somers; a widow whose husband also thought he was the long lost Earl. Chastity has dreams of turning Sunnyledge into a home for abandoned children. Reed is not very supportive of her plans until he begins to fall in love with Chastity and her abandoned children. Together, Chastity and Reed must discover who the true heir to Sunnyledge is before those that oppose them discover their secrets.

I have to admit that I found this book to be a little different from the others in this series. There is less action and more emotion in this story, which I found to be a refreshing change. Reed appears to be less a hero and more human than some of the previous characters. I was slightly disappointed that the other rogues did not play much of role in this book as I always enjoy dropping in on old friends. However, the children that Chastity brings to Sunnyledge are endearing and provide comic relief form a very serious novel. I often found myself laughing out loud at their antics. Unfortunately, I found the villain in this novel to be extremely weak and didn't appear to be very threatening until the very end of the novel.

I felt that the suspense that the author was attempting to create did not really appear in this novel. However, Chastity was a lot of fun to read I enjoyed her interesting views on life and her naive nature, which created an interesting dynamic between her and Reed who appears as the world weary rogue. The theme of love is prevalent throughout the entire novel as all the characters learn that true love always endures. I found this book to be a delightful read and a wonderful way to spend a summer afternoon in Regency England.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Jen.

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