by Thea Harrison

October 2011
ISBN: 978-0-425-24440-1
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Mass Market Paperback

In order to save the life of a fellow sentinel, Rune Ainissesthai makes a deal with a vampire. It is not just any vampire, it is Carling, a Queen, one of the oldest, most lethal of her kind. And it is not just any deal. He has agreed to do whatever she requires of him, no matter what.

Rune is not really as concerned about the agreement as the rest of his friends. His liege lord, Dragos is horrified, and wants the bargain voided. Rune will have none of it. There is something compelling about Carling, and he wants to find out what it is. As a gryphon, he was immune to her glamour, but the attraction he feels is powerful.

Arriving at Carling’s home near San Francisco, he finds things are not as he expected. All but her most faithful retainer have fled, and Carling is deteriorating. It is a debilitating end for one so powerful, but even she is not immortal. Rune decides that the best thing he can do for her is find a cure for the disease that is robbing her of her abilities.

Carling has been alive for so long that she no longer requires sustenance. She does not know what it is about Rune that attracts her. He dresses deplorably, acts like a beach bum, and never seems to be serious about anything. If he wants to try and find a cure he is welcome to try. Carling has exhausted every avenue she can think of, and nothing has worked.

The fantastic imagination of Thea Harrison continues to enchant readers with Serpent’s Kiss. Rune and Carling are so lifelike and compellingly drawn that you can almost see them. There are scenes to make you chuckle out loud, scenes that will choke your emotions, and several scenes where a cold shower may be necessary. ( I know that I will never think of the Fairmont Hotel the same way again.) If you have loved the first two books in the Elder Races series, you will not be disappointed. This is another keeper.

Reviewed in October 2011 by Paula.

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