by Janet Chapman

July 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4391-5990-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Midnight Bay, Maine

Since surviving the ravages of war in Afghanistan, lobsterman Trace Huntsman just wants to live out his life in peace and keep his struggling fishing business afloat. Doesn’t matter that his newly purchased home is falling down around his head, Trace is just fine with the living conditions such as they are. That is until his friend Kenzie Gregor dumps his sister on him as his new very unwanted tenant.

Fiona Gregor is trying her hardest to adjust to her life again as a human woman. Centuries ago, she was brutally raped, and then died while giving birth. Fiona found serenity when she was reincarnated as a hawk. That was disrupted when powerful druid prince Mac Oceanus wanting to repay the Gregors for helping his sister, Caroline, gave Fiona her life back as a mortal female. Since then both Gregor brothers have struggled with Fiona’s understandable leeriness of men. With urging from their respective wives, the brothers have concluded it be in Fiona’s best interest to adapt to the 21st century by living independently from them.

Trace tries to steer clear from his aloof renter, but Fiona’s desires to fit in and overcome her fears, are not quite working out living with him either. There’s the issues of the stray animals Fiona has brought home with her, including a precocious puppy that seems to get into everything, including Trace’s hardened heart. Plus the darn woman has started to cleanup and organize his mess of a house. Then demonic evil follows Mac Oceanus to Midnight Bay, once again forcing the warriors that protect their home to pull together. Can Mystical Warrior Trace find the love and happiness he never had as a child with the feisty Fiona?

Janet Chapman weaves together another chapter in her Midnight Bay series, bringing together Trace Huntsman and Fiona Gregor, whom we have encountered in previous books. At first the story is flowing nicely, but seems to go off kilter when it focuses more on Mac and his problems and issues, and not resolving the ones plaguing Trace and Fiona until the last few pages. Still diehard fans of Janet Chapman’s stories will be satisfied with Mystical Warrior. Lots of entertaining levity is found in the antics of Fiona’s pets, and Mac’s added cynical views on encouraging Trace’s interest in Fiona rounds out the plot nicely.

Reviewed in June 2011 by Bonnie.

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