by Annette Blair

April 2011
ISBN: 978-0-425-24052-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Centuries ago, Darkwyn Dragonelli and his fellow legion of Roman soldiers were cursed by Killian of Chaos to become dragons. The dragons live in an alternate realm on the Island of the Stars, which is slowly dying and Andra the goddess of Hope has decided to save Darkwyn and his brothers. She can only do so one dragon at a time. Darkwyn finds himself once again a man and he must find his heart mate and make her lifeís quest his own. If Darkwyn doesnít succeed, he will doom his fellow dragons. Sent back to earth, naked, Darkwyn lands in the middle of a crowded bar of one of Salem, Massachusettsí hottest nightclubs staring into the gorgeous eyes of itís owner, Vampiress Bronte McBride.

Bronte McBride has been on the run and living in hiding with her twelve-year-old nephew, Zachary. The Canadian mob, led by her despicable stepfather, has been in pursuit because they both know too much. A seedy vampire nightclub like Drakís is the perfect place to blend in. Bronte keeps her mask on and no one will ever know who she really is, that is until a very naked and very sexy Darkwyn Dragonelli drops (literally) into her life. Can Darkwyn convince a skeptical Bronte that they are predestined heart mates, and keep her and Zachary safe? It wonít be easy, but this Vampire Dragon will do whatever it takes.

Vampire Dragon by national bestselling author Annette Blair is the third in her Works Like Magick series and the second to feature one of the Dragonelli brothers. I loved the first book Naked Dragon, and eagerly began this one. Then I quickly found myself struggling to get through it. Bronte is a hot mess, how can we get to know our heroine when she wears a mask. She claims she wants to stay under the radar so why would you live and work in a place like Drakís? Darkwyn is not given any time to get his bearings in this new world before he gets tossed into Bronteís arms. I can understand the man hasnít had sex in over a millennium, but jeez he is getting down and dirty with Bronte before the dust has even settled from his arrival! Scorch Vampire Dragon off the list; itís just not worth the effort.

Reviewed in August 2011 by Bonnie.

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