by Gaelen Foley

April 2011
ISBN: 978-0-06-173396-3
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Mass Market Paperback

My Irresistible Earl is the newest book in Gaelen Foley’s Inferno Club series. Unfortunately, like the previous books, I would enjoy these stories a lot more if the Inferno Club was not part of the plot.

Mara once fell head over heels for Jordan Lennox, the Earl of Falconridge. Theirs was a brief courtship that fell apart when Jordan was called to his secret duties for the Inferno Club. He implored Mara to wait for him but with no signs of his continued affections, she married someone else. It was a bad marriage but it did gain her the love of her life, her two-year-old son, Thomas. However, a twelve year respite has brought Jordan back into her life.

Jordan still has feelings for Mara but he cannot get over her betrayal. They may not have been promised to each other but he thought her feelings ran deeper than just a way to escape a bad family life. However, now Jordan is in quite the pickle because the Inferno Club wants him to pretend to court Mara once again in order to infiltrate the Regent’s court, where Mara is a favorite of His Royal Highness. Thrown together once again, will Mara and Jordan have a happier future ahead of them, finally together?

My Irresistible Earl is satisfying to a point. I enjoyed watching Mara and Jordan fall in love once again, in trying to hash out their past. These two have an exciting and charged dynamic, even as they both behave immaturely at times. However, the Inferno Club throws quite a few spinnakers into the plot and not for the better. The portions of the story dedicated to the Inferno Club really threw off the courtship of Mara and Jordan. Even as that was the very reason that Jordan was back in Mara’s life, I quickly tired of the machinations of this group.

However, all is not lost. Gaelen Foley still writes couples who are passionately in love and that is where the story is at its best. Mara and Jordan have some growing up to do but it makes their romance that much stronger and able to withstand anything.

Reviewed in April 2011 by Sarah.

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