by Calista Fox

February 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4199-3269-4
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Annabelleís best friend, Yvette, takes her to a very modern and unusual club, Body Scenes, in Manhattan. Annabelle is ready to break out of her good girl, pleasing everyone, newly divorced self. She has set out to break out of her dull life by adding a little spice to it.

Annabelle isnít quite sure yet what the appeal of the club has for her friend Yvette, but she is willing to find out what it is. A man, Eric, bumps into her and he is going to add the excitement to her life at least for the night.

The works of art that are on display are only there for a couple of minutes before the curtain falls over them again. The art work is something extraordinary brought about by Finn Griffith, a friend of Yvetteís. The works of art are people painted, posed and connected in the most unusual way.

Annabelle is offered to be in one of the works with three men. Eric just so happens to be one of them, but will she take the plunge? The only thing hiding her naked body from the audience of the club is paint. Just what is the painting the four of them will be making and just how will they be connected?

What a way to start off the Body Scenes series. I highly enjoyed Stroke Me and was able to visualize the works of art described. Even though the story was fairly short in length it did not leaving you feeling like something was missing. The characters and plot were all entwined smoothly. The next book in the series is Melt Me and I canít wait to read it.

Reviewed in April 2011 by Pam.

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