by Anthology

June 2003
ISBN: 0-8217-7495-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Although I couldnít care less about Alice Holdenís story, One True Love, I have no problems in treasuring this gem of a story by Kate Huntington - The Husband Hunt.

One True Love tells Kate Hamiltonís story, of how she acquires the position as governess with a local family. Help comes from her new friend, Daniel Nealy, a veterinarian. While working as governess she meets Lord Percy, a handsome and charming man. A man that shows interest in her and despite warnings from friends she canít resist. But then there is her friend David. Another man intent on wooing her.

Even if I tried I couldnít make Ms. Holdenís story sound more interesting. It comes across as stilted and too slow. Uneventful. The dialogue is tame and too plain. I couldnít come up with any real interest in the characters and the story. The sparkle is missing. Not a good start to an anthology.

However, reading on I found Kate Huntingtonís story, The Husband Hunt. And for that one alone, itís worth buying the anthology On Bended Knee.

Everard Montclair needs to tell Lady Linnea that his good-for-nothing younger brother broke his engagement to her by marrying another. Not too unhappy about it, Linnea persists on finding a husband; as such a person is badly needed to pay off her fatherís depts. And the one honor-bound to help her is none other than Everard. Resisting all candidates it soon become obvious that the only one she wants she canít have.

Irresistible, that is Ms. Huntingtonís story. Itís delightful, charming, with a dialogue that is sparkling and witty and a heroine that I can identify with. And then there is the hero. What a man! Iím in love. Everard and Linneaís romance comes with an attraction that though subtle is still obvious from their first encounter.

The many secondary characters add to the reading pleasure. Iím a fan!

The third story in this anthology, Laura Paquetís Trusting Lady Lucy is a good story. A little rushed, due to the given format, it would have suited better as a stand-alone title than as a novella.

Not overly excited about spending yet another season with the same people at the same parties doing the same activities Lady Lucinda Denham persuades her mother to let her attend one of her famous salons. She wants something new, daring and challenging. Or is it someone new, daring and challenging, like the successful playwright Stephen Carlton? Engaging in a lively discussions over how to create believable and likeable female characters, they find themselves intrigued by the opinions of the other.

Iím not so sure about the values that are portrayed with the ending. Does a woman need to give up all her goals and dreams for the one and only thing that is worth targeting, marriage? I hope not.

All in all not a bad anthology. One boring, one good and one worth every penny spent on the paper itís written on. For future references I will keep reading Kate Huntingtonís books, will look out for more Laura Paquet books and avoid Alice Holdenís ones. Happy sampling!

Reviewed in July 2003 by Kris Alice.

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