by Julia Parks

June 2003
ISBN: 0-8217-7562-6
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Mass Market Paperback

The Honorable Messieurs Darby have a difficult job ahead of them- one that has caused many a bachelor to become faint of heart. They must enter the ‘dangerous’ world of Regency London society during the Season. Each of them must find an heiress bride in order to replenish the family’s ailing fortunes that their dissolute father, Viscount Tavistock, gambled away. Of Lord Darby’s three sons - twins Montgomery and Max, and youngest Tristram - Montgomery will do anything to save his beloved home Darwood Hall and return it to its former glory.

The handsome young trio is given the opportunity to leave their country home and visit London during the height of the Season- at the expense of an enigmatic sponsor - to begin their search for an heiress bride. On their arrival in town Monty is captivated by the chance sighting of their benefactor’s beautiful blonde neighbor Lady Adele Landis. In order for Monty to make her notice him from amongst the crowd of her suitors, he turns to Adele’s plain younger cousin Miss Clarissa Starnes for advice.

Of course, Clarissa can’t believe her luck. Montgomery Darby, the man she is rapidly falling in love with can only see her cousin’s appealing shell and not her scheming, self-centered core. Clarissa knows that Adele will make him miserable, but how can she dissuade Monty from pursuing Adele when he desperately needs the dowry Adele would bring to their marriage? What will it take to show Monty that Adele is not the woman he wants her to be and that Clarissa is the woman he really needs?

Nothing renews my faith in the power of romance like a good plain-Jane-gets-her-man story. To Marry An Heiress is warm, funny and will make you want to cheer out loud. I would definitely advise you to read this at home or amongst other booklovers who will understand the necessity of a good cheer.


Reviewed in August 2003 by Cynthia.

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