by Linda Hudson-Smith

June 2003
ISBN: 1-58314-397-1
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Mass Market Paperback

Every second of each day, the enlisted and the commissioned officers of the US Armed Services work together to defend our country from harm. Hand in hand, they fight terrorism and restore peace to troubled lands. Still there is one thing these men and women don’t do. Well at least, there is one thing they shouldn’t do, and that is fall in love.

But it’s too late to abide by the rules and regulations when Air Force Major Zurich Kingdom and Air Force Staff Sergeant Hailey Hamilton meet during a two-week vacation in Texas. The two are completely dedicated to their work. In fact they are so dedicated that even as they share their lives and hearts with each other, they still don’t reveal their careers.

When they are stationed together in Germany, they must confront the depth of their feelings and decide who has their greater allegiance – their country or their hearts.

Top Secret Rendezvous is one novel that should not be kept a secret. This book is one enjoyable read.

The characters are well defined and highly intriguing. While Zurich and Hailey are likeable fictional characters, Linda Hudson-Smith has also penned them with strokes of realism and humanity and all its applicable flaws. These weaknesses make them people with whom you can readily identify. I especially enjoyed the peek inside of Zurich’s family.

The story’s pace is slow but smooth. I started reading and quickly became caught up in Zurich and Hailey’s dilemma. The final page came all too soon for me. I really wanted more.

My only disappointment with Top Secret Rendezvous was that being that this novel is a part of Arabesque’s military service line, I expected a little more butt kicking action. But then again, should a reader really ask for more than a clever story line and exciting characters?

Reviewed in July 2003 by Natasha.

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