by Libbie Richman

February 2003
ISBN: 1-932300-02-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Serenade Books
Trade Paperback

Can attending one concert of your favorite musician change your life? Lisa and her husband, Ronnie were attending the concert of her favorite singer, Yale when a mysterious assailant attempts to shoot Yale. An avid fan, Lisa gets in the way of the bullet but there is so much pandemonium nobody knows for sure what happened. Will she be graciously thanked for saving this manís life or become the target of the investigation?

Yale Frye had anxieties about performing before huge audiences. Just because it is his career, doesnít make it something he is comfortable with. This latest incident with an innocent bystander being shot only increases his apprehension. Feeling curiosity and gratitude for Lisa he begins to visit her daily. The two develop an intense friendship so it seems natural when he volunteers to move her into his home temporarily until sheís up to par. Their relationship begins to get deeper and thereís still the threat of the unidentified attacker lurking. Ronnie is at home going through the normal routines of work and the house, and trying to keep himself together as he knows there is more to Lisa and Yaleís relationship than they are telling him.

Let It Be Me gets off to a wonderful start and pulls the reader in. The middle of the story is very drawn out and the plot tends to become a little mundane. There are several secondary characters, some are good and others tend to bog down the plot. Most of the middle revolves more around various sexual acts between characters than actual plotting. The ending once again draws the reader back into the story but I was left with mixed feelings at the end over the choice Lisa makes, but I think no matter what choice she made it would have left the reader with this because she involves herself in some tangled relationships. There was some good suspense and itís interesting to see what happens to the attackers.

Ms. Richman shows a great writing ability and I was more than a little disappointed as the story developed that the plot itself was so unoriginal. There is a sequel in the works for this story, and Iím interested to see how Lisaís choice turns out and if she sticks with it for the long haul. I hope the sequel shows us how this all works out.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Katy.

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