by Robyn Carr

March 2011
ISBN: 978-0778329428
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback

When her sister found a new direction in Virgin River, Kelly Matlock was relieved. Jilly had been through a rough experience, and was thriving in the small community. Kelly could not wait to incorporate some of Jilly's new organic produce into some recipes, but that would have to wait until Kelly had some downtime. Right now, the restaurant was demanding everything she had.

When the harried chef receives a visit from the owner's wife, Kelly is given the shock of her life. Overloaded with stress and emotional turmoil, her health takes a nosedive. She has got to get out of that toxic atmosphere. She knows just where to go her sister's rambling house in Virgin River.

Virgin River has become a refuge for Lief Holbrook as well. The screenwriter needed a change of scenery after the unexpected death of his wife. Trying to raise his teenage stepdaughter in Los Angeles would be difficult under normal conditions, but Courtney took her mother's death badly, and then was rejected by her biological father. Lief hopes that the slower pace will somehow bring back the happy little girl he loved.

Fans of the Virgin River series certainly expected Kelly to make another appearance, and Harvest Moon is the result. She needs to regroup, and many visitors to the scenic community have found new direction during their stay. Pairing her with Lief is unlikely, but author Robyn Carr knows just how to blend characters to bring out their best. Like a good recipe, Harvest Moon simmers and bubbles, leaving a tasty story behind.

Reviewed in February 2011 by Paula.

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