by Kris Kennedy

May 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4391-9590-1
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Mass Market Paperback

England, June 1215

King John’s most elite knight Jamie Lost has been sent in search of Father Peter. Peter, a great artist and a key element to the resistance that has been brewing amongst the realm, has been sought by both sides. It’s said that Peter is the “keeper of the heirs” and this could shatter the already shaky kingdom. Jamie’s mission seems simple enough until he encounters a beautiful thief who is about to turn Jamie’s rigid world upside down and inside out!

Since the massacre at Everoot that claimed the lives of so many, Eva, has been living in hiding with the good Father Peter. He has raised Eva to be the strong independent thinking woman she now is. Eva’s budding artistic talent was also encouraged and helped to develop by this gifted priest. When Father Peter is kidnapped, Eva and her young companion, Roger, set out to rescue their protector and mentor. Then Eva encounters the brutal knight Jamie Lost, and since their goal is the same, to find Peter, they form an uneasy alliance. As civil unrest explodes around them, Jamie and Eva set out on a journey fraught with danger and intrigue at every turn. There are also the long buried secrets surrounding both Eva and Jamie’s true identities. Defiant together Jamie and Eva will conquer all to be together and save the English crown!

Defiant by Kris Kennedy roused my interest based on the story’s factual historical events surrounding the Magna Carta. However I found little if no chemistry between the two main protagonists, Jamie and Eva. Compounding Defiant even further, Kris Kennedy uses terminology true to the time period, but for the average reader, this is difficult to comprehend, and you spend too much time on trying to understand the words, losing the enjoyment that is supposed to be found when reading a romance novel. Unfortunately I have to say “Nay” to this medieval mishmash.

Reviewed in August 2011 by Bonnie.

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