by Emma Holly

November 2003
ISBN: 0-425-19303-9
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Mass Market Paperback

Juliana Buxton was a dutiful daughter. She was willing to accept her fatherís plans to marry her off to a much older man, a wealthy London merchant; at least she thought she was. All she could think of was running away. She was sure that with the good will of the townsfolk, they would help her. When they all turned her away, she was ready to go back, resigned to her fate, when a golden haired minstrel caught her eye, and she knew that she would follow him anywhere. For she could see something was different about him, something that drew her without thought, only feeling. Little did she know, that fate was about to take a strange, yet exciting turn.

Ulric was angry. After Gillian left him for another man, a mortal at that, he was determined to never open his heart again as he did to her. As a Upyr, he was more powerful, compelling and dangerous than any creature on Earth, save the Elders. Breaking all the rules of his sire by consorting and drinking from mortals, Ulric was determined to wring every ounce of adventure from his experience before he returned to his duty as king of his pack. Little did he know that a detour into a small town, would bring him face to face with his destiny. A destiny he wasnít sure he wanted to accept.

Ulric and Juliana are a perfect compliment to each other. Ones strength was the others weakness. Ulric was a little wary and skeptical after his experience with Gillian. He did his best to do all the things with Juliana that he didnít do with Gillian, but that started to backfire on him. Juliana knew that Ulric was perfect for her. She wasnít afraid of him and his nature. In fact, she embraced him and wanted to join him for all eternity. Now she just had to get him to admit that he wanted it to.

I enjoyed this return to medieval Europe and the land of the Upyrs. Ulric and Juliana are a funny, sweet and passionate couple. They donít shy away from showing each other their true faces. I thought it was refreshing and exciting. We get a deeper look into the workings of the pack and get to know them so much better than we did in the previous stories in this wonderful series.

I look forward to more stories about these truly unique and exciting creatures.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Carolyn.

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