by Virginia Kantra

June 2011
ISBN: 978-0-425-24183-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Fallen Angel Lara Rho was anxious to prove to her community elders that she was a “Seeker.” Seekers are those amongst her kind that bring in other children of the air. Instead her powers have brought her to the Virginia coast and into the arms of Justin Miller, a sailor who has no past, and not much of a future.

Seven years ago, Justin was rescued from a shipwreck. Suffering from amnesia, he only feels at home while on or near the water. Meeting the lovely Angel Lara Rho brings feelings and emotions to Justin he thought he was incapable of having. Then in an instant Lara finds she's beholden to Justin and brings him back with her to the mysterious Rockhaven School. Going against the Rule of her community makes her an outcast, and then Lara commits an ultimate act of rebellion by going on the lam with Justin.

While being pursued up the coastline by Lara’s people, and vicious demons, Lara and Justin begin to explore the tumultuous feelings they have for one another. Every time they intimately touch, another piece of Justin’s memory returns, and the Forgotten Sea calls him home.

The Children of the Sea series takes an exciting turn when author Virginia Kantra introduces the elementals, children of air, and sails the saga in a whole new exciting direction. Justin is a compelling hero, torn between the past he is just now remembering and his growing feelings for Lara. Lara fights her fears brought on by childhood trauma, and finally finds the strength while in Justin’s arms to assert herself for her own wants and needs, even if it means turning her back on her own kind. Forgotten Sea is bold, creative storytelling at its best!

Reviewed in May 2011 by Bonnie.

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