by Mercy Fallon

June 2003
ISBN: 1-931761-67-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Liquid Silver

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Just a One Night Stand is a short story in the Afternoon Delights Anthology from Liquid Silver Books. Kelsey and Tyler are friends. Being a nurse, Kelsey witnesses a lot of pain and untimely deaths and she is adamant about not getting involved with firemen or cops. But she is unable to resist teasing Tyler even though she won’t take it to its logical conclusion. Tyler is frustrated; he wants Kelsey, but she wont sleep with him because of his job, being a fireman is what he has wanted to be since he was a kid.

When Kelsey teases him one time too many, Tyler gives her an ultimatum, either we finish this or we can't see each other anymore. When Kelsey and Tyler get together it is explosive. He finds out that she has put aside her dreams of being a surgeon. When the night is over, he knows that he will try to help her make her dreams come true, because life is too short to not follow your dreams.

The ending of this story is bittersweet. Some may be put off by the not quite happily ever after, but I thought Ms. Fallon has done a remarkable job. This was an emotionally powerful story that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Reviewed in June 2003 by Carolyn.

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