by Treva Harte and Kate Douglas

June 2003
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Threshold begins at Desire Island Inn, touting the ultimate destination vacation. A portal into fate, a gateway into love…

Treva Harte’s contribution to this anthology is Reflections. Lilli Dayton decides to take a trip to an Inn and meet her jerk of a husband Mason there, upon his return from business. After a strange occurrence or two, she arrives at the Inn with her antique mirror and high hopes of enjoying the company of her husband Mason. Lilli’s mirror is a purchase her husband never took kindly to, but for Lilli it’s a link to a world where a special man awaits her. Lilli finds herself transported back to the twentieth century as a companion to a feisty young woman, and lover to that very young woman’s father. Lilli takes control for the first time in her life, but Harry Nelson is not willing to commit any further than their sexual relationship takes them. Harry is the man Lilli has seen in her mirror - can she convince him that love the second time around just might be all it’s cracked up to be?

Kate Douglas’ Starquest: Synergy has Carly Harris on her way to the mysterious Desire Island Inn. Carly is about to have the trip of a lifetime and meet Tim Riley in the process. Tim comes from the future and is not only kinetic but horny too. Something Tim has been lacking due to his special abilities - they wear the life out of the poor guy and wear down his libido. No worries girls, Tim has plenty of energy stored, and he’s ready to go! However, Tim is much younger than Carly and not only that but Carly has some new powers of her own to grapple with.

Ms. Harte’s contribution caught me quite off guard. I didn’t anticipate a turn this story took, but enjoyed it a great deal. Lilli’s newfound control in this relationship was grand. After being married to a man who didn’t give a hoot about much more than himself and his next trophy wife, I fully understood why Lilli grabbed the reins the moment they were free. I also will tell you that a fat helping of just desserts is divine revenge!

I completely enjoyed Ms. Douglas’ addition to this anthology. My electronic TBR pile has gone out of control, and I have yet to read Ms. Douglas’ series. However I will assume the folks in this short story are a part of this world she’s created. A fine world indeed, and I’m confessing to all here and now. Tim has officially been claimed, he’s mine girls! Tim is the sweetest of combinations, a virgin but not the kind that makes you think “yeah right”. He’s the kind of virgin that makes you think “where do I begin”, while you rub your hands together in anticipation. I liked Carly too, I love a girl who doesn’t bemoan her abrupt departure, but embraces the very idea that not only will she embark on a new adventure, but she’s gonna boink a fabulous guy!

Loads of fun to be had in this particular anthology. Two smart ladies weaving a tale of passion and love in Threshold!

Reviewed in July 2003 by Connie.