by Alyssa Day

June 2011
ISBN: 978-0-425-24179-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

After eleven thousand years of living filled with remorse and self-loathing at the blood lust that fills his every waking hour, Vampire Primator Daniel is about to give in to despair. Daniel has proven to be a faithful ally to the warriors of Atlantis in their quest to protect humanity from the forces of the supernatural, but he has failed in his quest to bring leadership and order to the Primus, (the house of Vampires of Congress). So, Daniel gives in to his urge to end it all by walking into the sun, a sight he has not beheld in many millenniums. Instead of meeting certain death, Daniel finds himself in Atlantis and face to face with the woman he has never stopped loving in all his immortal years, Serai!

After Serai lost the love of her life, young blacksmith Daniel, she was forced into stasis with several other Atlantean princesses destined to save Atlantis by becoming queens to future generations of rulers. But something has gone wrong with the gemstone that controls the maidens’ slumber. Serai, who was meant to be Prince Conlan’s bride, is painfully forced awake from her crystal pod, and comes face to face with the man she has never been able to forget, her true love Daniel. There is a new warrior to fight the evil that endangers the world and he is the Vampire in Atlantis.

Talented author Alyssa Day centers Vampire in Atlantis, the next sizzling hot installment of her brilliant saga of the Warriors of Poseidon, around Nightwalker mage/vampire Daniel. Unlike others of his kind, Daniel fights the beast within that calls for blood and yearns for the lost love of the Atlantean princess Serai. Serai doesn’t lose her cool even when faced with a modern world filled with wonders and serious dangers she could never have imagined during her time from eleven thousand years ago. Together they are awesome, and the minor characters that Day interconnects around Daniel and Serai add several new possibilities for future sequels. A summer read you won’t want to miss!

Reviewed in May 2011 by Bonnie.

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