by Liz Johnson

March 2011
ISBN: 978-0373444342
Reviewer Graphic Button Love Inspired
Mass Market Paperback

FBI agent Heather Sloan and her sister, Kit, had been on a sight-seeing trip in a helicopter when the helicopter rotors fail and they crash. Heather is the sole survivor of the crash, but her sister’s last words are confusing. “Follow the drugs…” Heather doesn’t have any idea what that might mean, but she believes the crash wasn’t an accident.

Jeremy Latham is the sheriff assigned to the case, and he reluctantly agrees to let Heather help with the case, but it takes some convincing on Heather’s part. He’s worried about her safety, as the day they met, someone else made an attempt at her life in the hospital.

As Heather and Jeremy work together, they develop a trust in each other, and begin to care—but will their fledging love die when the killer targets Heather?

I enjoyed getting to know Heather and Jeremy, and couldn’t help but falling in love with Jeremy. He’s a true hero. The descriptions were very realistic; my hand ached for hours after reading about Heather ripping out her IV in the first chapter of the book! The suspense starts in the prologue (so make sure you read that) and doesn’t let up until the end of the book.

Code of Justice is the latest book by award-winning author Liz Johnson. I’ve read all three of her books, and they are trade-marked by unique plots, interesting characters, and gripping suspense.

Reviewed in March 2011 by Laura.

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