by Robyn Carr

February 2011
ISBN: 978-0778329312
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Mass Market Paperback

With the introduction of Luke Riordan and his brothers, author Robyn Carr has brought fresh voices to her popular Virgin River series. In Wild Man Creek, another brother, Colin, comes to northern California for some R&R. Although in Colin's case Recuperation is the primary reason. Lucky to be alive after a horrific helicopter crash, the former Army pilot is now at loose ends. During the long and painful months of therapy, Colin became addicted to painkillers and had a second battle to fight. Unable to resume his first love as an Army pilot, Colin's future is uncertain. Coming to Virgin River, he hopes to resume his love of wildlife painting and decide what comes next.

Jillian Matlock also has R&R in mind when she arrives in Virgin River. Emotionally battered by the worst sort of professional betrayal, she needs time off to regroup. She and her sister have passed through the area on a trip and she has fond memories of the serene locale and its friendly community. It sounds like the perfect place to unwind.

The folks of Virgin River have never seen a dynamo in action until Jillian finds her next project. The regulars at Jack's Bar aren't sure if she will succeed, but they are definitely eager spectators. Will she treat this as temporary therapy or is she planning to stay? Will Colin's art be enough to keep his adrenaline running or is Virgin River just a blip on his radar?

Wild Man Creek is a great addition to the series. I love the boisterous, Riordan clan and the brotherly spats are endearing. Luke takes being the oldest to new levels of interference. Jillian is a great match for Colin, who is not intimidated by her success, and she proves to be the perfect partner for Colin journey of self-discovery.

Reviewed in January 2011 by Paula.

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