by Madeline Hunter

May 2011
ISBN: 978-0-515-14934-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

For fans of the Rarest Blooms series by Madeline Hunter, there are two characters who clamor for books of their own – Daphne Joyes, the mysterious owner – and the irreverent Duke of Castleford. How lovely for us that Ms. Hunter has found a way to satisfy both characters at one time.

When you are a Duke, the only person who can direct your behavior is the King, and the Duke of Castleford takes great delight in behaving very badly. He overindulges in any manner of vice, and views the world with a very cynical eye indeed. When his closest friends all fall victim to Cupid’s arrow, he is not worried. No sane woman would ever put up with his antics for more than a few days. When he is sober, on Tuesdays, he is an astute businessman, mindful of his estates and responsibilities – the other six days of the week are kept for pleasure.

A small bequest has left him the owner of a very interesting property – the grounds where The Rarest Blooms has their business. When he decides to inspect the property it is mere curiosity. He has heard all about the mysterious woman who runs it – now he wants to see for himself.

Daphne Joyes is not pleased to meet Castleford at last. In fact, he brings her bad news indeed. She was supposed to receive the property, not this licentious, overindulgent sham of nobility! Reeling from the news, she is forced to endure his company as he examines the grounds, house and her business. He is a fine example of all the parts of the ton she abhors.

Reading Dangerous in Diamonds is a wonderful way to complete the series. Daphne and Tristan are a perfect match, and readers will relish their encounters. Castleford proves to be quite heroic – which we all suspected in earlier books, and Daphne will keep readers guessing right up until the final secret is revealed.

Reviewed in April 2011 by Paula.

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