by Lori Foster

June 2011
ISBN: 978-0-373-77575-0
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Mass Market Paperback

Trace of Fever is the second book in the series Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor and once again Lori Foster has kept me turning the pages until the very end. Being as it is the second in the series you really do not have to read When You Dare to enjoy Trace of Fever, but I would recommend it just because they both are very well written.

After Trace Rivers knows his sister is safe, he decides that now is the time to take on those who run human trafficking - and he's gone undercover to put the very person that is in charge of it all, Murray, out of business. He hopes to gather enough evidence to take him down but now there is a complication on the scene and one he wants to keep safe.

Priscilla Patterson claims she is Murray’s long lost daughter but he has other plans for her. There is also the question of is she really his. Priss, which is what she goes by has her own agenda but now that Trace River’s is Murrays bodyguard she may have some trouble getting close to Murray.

Trying to run each of their own missions and keeping Priss safe and away from danger just might land them in a very bad situation. Also will they be able to join forces and both get what they want in the end? Will Murray realize what is happening and ruin the relationship they are building? Is there romance in store for Trace and Priss? What will happen when you toss a pet cat into the picture, too?

As I said this is a very well written book and I enjoyed each and every page as I read it. I loved how Ms. Foster wrote the cat and how important it was to its owner. It’s a keeper for me and I would recommend getting your copy as soon as they hit the store shelf…before they are all gone!

Reviewed in May 2011 by Theresa.

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