by Lori Foster

May 2011
ISBN: 978-0-373-77571-2
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Mass Market Paperback

When You Dare is the first in a series of Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor by Lori Foster. I could not put this book aside and when I tried I would find myself picking it right back up.

Dare Macintosh has his own set of rules to live by, and will do whatever is necessary to honor them. On a personal mission to rescue is good friend’s sister from human trafficking he not only rescues her but also takes an unconscious woman who was locked in the same trailer with her. But why was she there, and why on earth was she treated differently?

Molly Alexander, a suspense romantic author, has no idea why she was kidnapped or who would want her. Instincts tell her that she can trust Dare and he agrees to help her find out who is behind her kidnapping and will do his best to keep her safe.

There are many questions about who is still trying to hurt her and it starts not only with her ex-fiancé but also her own family members. Will Dare be able to protect her and at what cost? Not only that but there are many fans who did not like how Molly changed one of her characters and the letters she received makes one wonder if they could be the persons or person behind this and the other things that have happen.

I loved how Ms. Foster wrote Molly and how strong she was. She did not make her out to be a woman who needed a man to recover from this ordeal but one who was strong and would “be fine”. Molly’s favorite line! The sexual attraction that turns into much more is so well written also. And Dare has such a tender side of him that you only see with those he cares deeply for. Also Dare’s assistant Chris will make you laugh out loud and will also make you wonder how this gay assistant became such a great friend to him. There are two main characters that bring out the best when others are around these four legged animals.

This is a must read and a keeper for any who find themselves sitting back and enjoying a great book. I look forward to the second book, Trace of Fever and hope that Dare and Molly are in this book also. They are a couple you want to know how life is treating them. Last but not forgotten are the animals in this book! I would love to meet the ones Ms. Foster took these two from. She writes them so well and each has different personalities….wonderfully written.

Reviewed in April 2011 by Theresa.

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