by Fiona Hood-Stewart

September 2003
ISBN: 1-55166-728-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback

Sylvia Hansen has clawed her way to the top. A poor girl from Arkansas, she has left her squalid past behind and achieved her dream. As CEO of Harcourts International in New York City, she lives a life far removed from her humble beginnings. When industrial espionage threatens to undermine Harcourts, she cannot stand idly by, directing the investigation long-distance. Instead, she hops a jet to London, determined to uncover the source of the leak.

Jeremy Warmouth, head of Harcourts European operations, is incensed that she is interfering in his investigation. He opposed her election as CEO and cannot seem to be in the same room with Sylvia without arguing. Titled and sophisticated, with a heritage that dates several centuries, Jeremy’s urbane polish only sets Sylvia’s teeth on edge. He has every right to resent her arrival, but Sylvia only wants what is best for Harcourts.

As they uncover the threat to their company, Sylvia and Jeremy also discover that their personal animosities have been caused by misconceptions. Neither one prepared for the onslaught of emotion and the overwhelming desire that flares between them. The passion simmers slowly, then boils off the pages as they come to accept that some things cannot be denied.

Silent Wishes contains all the elements a superior romantic suspense novel should have. The main characters have secrets, the villain is wicked and resourceful, the situation dire, and the attraction unstoppable. Ms. Hood-Stewart portrays a glittering world of privilege and position, underscored by the criminal element determined to destroy the lives in its way. This book grabbed my attention and I was compelled to finish it quickly because I couldn’t stand to put it down! In the aftermath I also became the owner of two more titles by this author, because I enjoyed her writing so much I wanted to read some more!

Reviewed in August 2003 by Paula.

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