by Lori Foster

ISBN: 0-7582-0548-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Ray Vereker is a woman of immense strength and many unusual talents. She can easily handle the most sophisticated weapon made. Her body is honed to a fierce lethal speed. She can also remodel any space with an artist’s eye for detail. She was definitely not what Eli Connors expected.

When Eli requested the meanest son of a ----- the agency had, he did not anticipate the delicate looking beauty who showed up at their meeting. With a name like Ray Vereker Eli expected the mercenary he’d hired to rescue his irresponsible brother to a muscle bound guy with a big gun and bad attitude. Considering Ray’s attitude, one out of three is better than nothing. Eli certainly didn’t imagine that she would be so very appealing or his attraction to her who be so very swift – or so very strong.

As far as Ray is concerned Eli hired her to do a job, not him. She will do her job and that will be the end of it. Nothing else should matter or interfere with that – she hopes. Ray does not want to pursue her increasing need for Eli’s touch, but she eventually succumbs to his sensual allure one night in the steamy South American jungle. Neither Eli nor Ray could possibly expect what came next – or should I say who came next. Now, these two lovers must decide whether they can make one night into forever.

All I have to say is, she’s done it again. The characters - main and secondary were wonderfully entertaining and brought a breath of fresh air to a well-loved plot. While I truly enjoyed this book I felt it was missing some of Lori Foster’s trademark intensity. This is still a fabulous book but as a diehard fan I felt like I missed out on something.


Reviewed in September 2003 by Cynthia.

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