by Thea Harrison

May 2011
ISBN: 978-0-425-24150-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Pia Giovanni is dead, oh not yet, but she will be soon enough. Stupidity when multiplied by ego never produces a positive result. Pia's former boyfriend is proof enough. The fact that she is responsible for this nightmare is galling. All of her mother's teaching has been wasted by one misstep, and now she will die. She has stolen something from a dragon's horde and her life is forfeit. Running is her only option.

Drago Cuelebre is shocked. Someone has penetrated his wards and stolen from his horde. The sheer audacity of the attempt is enough to attract his attention. The success of the theft is a lit match on jet fuel as his rage knows no bounds. The leader of the Wyr and most powerful of the Elder Races roars his displeasure into the heavens and buildings shudder around his New York City headquarters. One thing is certain, Drago is not bored anymore.

For fans of paranormal romance and urban fantasy, nothing surpasses the thrill of new talent in the genre. Creative twists on familiar patterns, bold new worlds, unique perspectives keep us engaged, enthused and entranced. We will look back on this moment as one of those special times when a fresh voice is heard, when an instant classic is revealed. Newcomer Thea Harrison explodes on the scene with her novels of the Elder Races and the genre may never be quite the same again.

Layering mythology and medieval anthropology across a familiar setting the author offers a groundbreaking version of Other species and how they interact in our world. The Elder Races, created when the Earth was born, have lived much longer than humankind and have always been a part of the landscape. There are no great revelations or public announcements of their existence. They have always been.

Dragon Bound delivers and then exceeds all of my expectations. The characters are compelling and beguiling. Ms. Harrison lays out the rules of her world and then starts filling in the details. Her plot and character development are masterful. Readers will fall headfirst into this book and reality will drop away. Ms. Harrison already has two more books on the publishing schedule and endless material to work with. I can hardly wait.

Reviewed in April 2011 by Paula.

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