by Donna Grant

May 2011
ISBN: 978-0-312-53347-2
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Scottish Highlands, summer 1603

After the fierce battle to destroy the evil sorceress Deirdre resulted in the carnage at her subterranean lair Cairn Toul Mountain, the MacLeod brothers and their fellow Warriors decide they must go back and see if any had survived. Fallon MacLeod their leader and Hayden Campbell find nothing but frozen druid bodies in the snow. Then, Hayden comes upon one barely alive female, her creamy skin, jet black hair and dainty facial features draw the powerful loner Warrior to finally have a crack in his stoic veneer, he silently vows to protect this lass with his life.

Five hundred years ago Isla, a powerful druid, her beloved sister and young niece were enslaved by Deirdre. With the constant threat to her sister and niece Isla has done what Deirdre has commanded for centuries, until the MacLeods and their fellow Warriors battled for their freedom. In the aftermath Isla finds herself rescued by these kind people and made to feel as one of them even after they learn all she has done, everyone except Hayden.

Hayden Campbell, like all Warriors, has an ancient god inside of him making him immortal with superhuman strength. When his family was slain by a drough and he was captured and tortured by Deirdre, Hayden vowed revenge against all drough. Isla is going to be the crack in his resolve to this vow. With her beauty and tempting charms Hayden finds himself an Untamed Highlander. The race against time is going to be slim, for Deirdre has not quite been destroyed and her evil magic is reaching its dark tentacles back around Isla. Hayden and Isla must band together with the rest of the Warriors and prove love can conquer all!

Donna Grant continues her winning streak in her awesome Dark Sword series with the 4th outing, Untamed Highlander. Since first introduced to Hayden Campbell in the earlier books he has held a strong voice and place amongst his fellow Warriors. To meet and fall for the very thing he hunts, a drough, makes for conflicted feelings. Isla is also complicated. We are given the background for why Isla has let Deirdre lead her around all these centuries and even witnessed her hesitation at continuing on with it in the last book. Shes given her redemption when she and Hayden fall in love. Overall, great characters and exciting plot lines drive Untamed Highlander along the paranormal romance highway to success!

Reviewed in December 2011 by Bonnie.

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