by Carly Phillips

January 2001
ISBN: 0-373-25915-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #815
Mass Market Paperback

With stunning sexuality cutting edge for a category, Carly Phillips has woven a wonderful tale of love in one of the most unlikely of places. The result was a breathless tale that kept me up most of the night, reading on to find out who would win - love or money.

P.I. Ben Callahan has taken on a case that could prove to be his undoing - protecting heiress Grace Montgomery from the dangers of New York. Her grandmother has hired him because Grace is in danger, even if she won`t admit to her grandmother or herself, so she needs protecting. It can`t be too difficult, Grace`s grandmother explains, just go to New York and pretend to be a neighbor. So Ben does just that, but Grace is more alluring than her picture, and there`s more danger around her than her grandmother has let on.

Grace can`t believe she`s so strongly attracted to her new neighbor. She has a budding career as a photographer, she has her own place and life is good. She didn`t think she`d find a man as wonderful as Ben so soon, and now that she has, she`s determined to seduce him into staying with her.

But Ben is hiding some things from Grace, and as danger closes in around them, their new found relationship is going to be put to the test.

This was the first Carly Phillips book I have read, and I can guarantee I`ll be looking for more! Grace was the naive heroine with a feisty streak and Ben was a wonderful bad-boy PI! But the best part of the book was Grace`s grandmother, Emma. A feisty old woman with a quick wit that made me smile clear to the last page.

Reviewed in June 2003 by Lucy.

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