by Lori Foster

January 1996
ISBN: 0-373-25672-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #572
Mass Market Paperback

A starchy schoolteacher. A lady-killer. Sounds like a good mix to me!

Carlie McDaniels had always been careful to stay cool and aloft, but one man made her want to lower her guard, and her best friend`s costume party allowed her the chance to do just that, and she ended up catching the eye of that same man.

Tyler Ramsay was tired of all the women hanging on his arm temporarily or merely after him for his wealth. He was ready for something more stable. But the mysterious lady at the party made him forget about that want. After a passionate night, he knew he had to find her again. His quest led him straight to Carlie, who was feeling extremely guilty for what happened that night. She knows that if Tyler found out he would never forgive her. But does she care either way?

Tyler can`t believe how much fun he has with Carlie, but can`t help but keep looking for that mystery woman from the party. But what would he do if he found out the truth?

Lori Foster`s first Temptation is going on my keeper shelf, for sure. Carlie was a wonderful heroine and easy to relate to. Tyler was pigheaded at times, but I found I liked that, too. He was extremely loveable.

As for the story, it`s a scenario done again and again, but still enjoyable. The main characters interact in a cute manner and I found myself smiling through most of the book, something that means I really enjoyed it.

If you can find this book, don`t let it slip through your fingers!

Reviewed in June 2003 by Lucy.

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