by Candace Camp

April 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4391-1799-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Readers who have followed the Willowmere series by Candace Camp have eagerly awaited the final book in the trilogy. The antics of the brash Americans and their English cousins have been highly entertaining. Now comes the finale, with the tomboyish Camellia and her mentor Lady Vivian Carlyle commanding center stage.

Ms. Camp has built the tension slowly between Vivian and Oliver, Earl of Stewkesbury, throughout the series. Lady Vivian is a flamboyant, outrageous character and the perfect foil for the steadfast and stoic nobleman. Wealthy in her own right, and skeptical of marriage, she makes a daring suggestion become lovers until such time as the attraction between them wanes and friendship is all that is left. No harm, no foul, it is a logical solution for both of them. Oliver cannot resist Vivian when she is at her most persuasive. When she decided to investigate a series of jewel thefts, he must accompany her for her own good.

Camellia is the most challenging of the sisters. She is not suited for life in the ton. She is too outspoken, too unconventional for most prospective husbands. When she meets Gregory Carlyle, she has no idea he is Lady Vivian's brother, or that he is heir to a duchy. All she knows is that he is pleasant to talk to and does not judge her harshly for being outspoken. Gregory has little use for the social aspects of the nobility. He prefers his estates and his scientific experiments. Camellia is a breath of fresh air in a stifling room. Could she possible be interested in a bookish sort of man?

An Affair Without End brings readers all of the closure they require. The romance between Oliver and Vivian is fiery and filled with passion. The romance between Gregory and Camellia is a sweet counterpoint, but no less satisfying.

Reviewed in April 2011 by Paula.

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