by Lori Foster, Donna Kauffman, Jill Shalvis

May 2003
ISBN: 0-373-83576-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

Some of Harlequin’s best selling authors join forces to bring us stories of men who risk their lives to protect others. These authors also set the scene for their next Temptation release in the coming months.

First up is Lori Foster who brings us Trapped!. We meet fireman, Ethan Winters and Rosie Carrington one of his best friends and the only girl among the group. As the story opens Ethan and Rosie are in bed. Seems they must have gotten a little more than friendly last night. Too bad Ethan can’t remember a thing. He will have to rely on Rosie to fill in the missing details.

Next up is Buried!. by Donna Kauffman. An earthquake has struck the San Francisco area. Haley Brubaker is just returning from a business trip when she learns her house is right in the middle of the disaster zone. Everything she owns is in that house including her beloved Jack Russell terrier, Digger whom the dog sitter had dropped off to surprise her upon her return. Haley rushes home to save her beloved dog, continuing on foot when she finds the roads leading to her house closed. Along the way she meets an old friend Brett Gannon, who is now a K-9 rescue worker. Brett and his K-9 partner Recon have been dispatched to the area to search for survivors. Haley used to date Brett’s older brother Sean but it was the younger brother Brett that had the secret crush on her. Could this be his chance to make his boyhood daydreams a reality?

Rounding out this trio of tales is Jill Shalvis with Stranded!. Emergency room doctor, Matt Walker is enjoying a rare day off. Well maybe enjoying isn’t the right word. He has been busy working on the dilapidated three-story house his grandfather left him. The house is located on the gulf coast of Texas where a big storm is coming in. Matt decides to leave, head for higher ground and hope the house is still standing when her returns. Before he can leave he notices Molly Stanton, who has been caught unaware of the brewing storm. She is clinging to a very unsteady branch near the water’s edge. What’s a hero to do but risk the gale force winds and rising floodwater to rescue the damsel in distress?

With only 140 pages each Lori, Donna and Jill manage not only to give us three exciting romances in this book but each also sets the scene for a connecting Temptation in the coming months. Each author created characters I cared about and enticed me to want to read the connecting story to come. Trapped, Buried and Stranded were all well paced stories that left the reader wanting more. I am sure we will get it with Riley, Sean, and Luke by Lori Foster, Donna Kauffman and Jill Shalvis respectively. If you love Men Of Courage then I strongly recommend you run out and grab a copy it will have you yearning to be rescued by your own hero. Ethan, Brett and Matt will surely warm your heart and leave you wanting more so mark your calendar for June, July and August and be sure to look for Riley, Sean and Luke. It promises to be a long hot hero filled summer.

Reviewed in June 2003 by Barbara.