by Rita Herron

ISBN: 0-505-52554-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Lovespell
Mass Market Paperback

Talk show hostess, Sophie Lane makes one last attempt at a date with the man of her dreams Lance Summers, she persuades him to appear on her Dating Game Show as one of the contestants. Lance smelling a trap a mile away switches places with another contestant at the last minute, when Sophie`s "date" is revealed to her. She is furious and vows to put Lance out of mind for good and stop losing sleep over the gorgeous developer.

Big mistake! Lance has been thinking about Sophie Lane so much that it is literally causing him to lose sleep. Lance even goes so far as to seek professional help in the form of visiting a sleep clinic. After weeks of denial Lance is convinced that the only thing to help his insomnia is one sexy, green-eyed talk show hostess.

Sleepless In Savannah is a wonderful Saturday afternoon read filled with just the right amount of humor and steamy love scenes. In the first book Marry Me, Maddie we briefly met the hero and heroine Lance and Sophie. Just like in Maddie, Lance starts out being a macho jerk, but he redeems himself by falling head over heels in love with Sophie and using their love to discover some old hurts that need healing. Sophie, too has things in her past that need a little healing, so with the help of her ditzy sister Lucy, and Lance`s newfound affection she comes to terms with some issues of her own. Readers will also delight in a getting to catch up with Maddie and Chase and reading another little romance involving Reid and Lucy.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Ronica.

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