by Erin McCarthy

April 2011
ISBN: 978-0-425-21014-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Evan Monroe is a definite playboy in the racing world. He is single and loving it but lately, not even a night out with a woman can cure what is going wrong in his life. His racing career is tanking fast and the one woman who he thought he would marry is back in his life in a big way as they share an advertising campaign for his-and-her deodorant.

Kendall Holbrook once fell hard for Evan only to be heartbroken when she thought he did not take her seriously about wanting to be a driver. Years later, the confusion from the past is finally cleared up but their feelings for each other are just as complicated as ever. And while Evan is doing horrendous on the track, Kendall has momentum and dedication on her side and is burning up the racing track as a rookie. Will these two finally take the time to commit to a relationship together, no matter what obstacles may be littering the track?

The Chase is the new book in Erin McCarthy’s Fast Track series. It is a definite scorcher! Readers have seen Evan Monroe being quite the womanizing playboy in previous stories so his change from happy-go-lucky single guy to a man determined to win his woman may seem a bit abrupt. However, that did not stop my enjoyment in seeing Evan being a bit vulnerable and a whole lot passionate with Kendall. His passion for racing may be on the wane but his love for Kendall has come roaring back and he is ready to prove himself.

Kendall wants it all: the dream career, the man, and a family. She has pressure from her own family about her career as a racer and how it takes away from her potential to be a stereotypical “womanly” wife. Evan does not see any of that though. He sees Kendall as she is: hard working, sexy, and all woman, dedicated to those she loves and willing to take chances. They have a very companionable and genuine rapport between each other that is nice to read. Yes, there is a rather big misunderstanding at the end and I wish Kendall had not thrown Evan to the wolves quite so quickly. However, there is regret and shame and healing on both sides, making their chase for each other well worth it.

The Chase is another solid and fun contemporary romance from Erin McCarthy. She keeps me glued to the pages of this story, already anticipating the next racing adventure.

Reviewed in March 2011 by Sarah.

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