by Maureen Child

ISBN: 0-312-97844-8
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Nick Candellano had it all, until a knee injury ended his pro football career. After spending a couple of months at the bottom of a bottle, mired in self-pity, he got his act together and started living the rest of his life. While working for the local TV station covering local sports may not seem too glamourous, Nick has hopes that his good looks and easy charm will translate into a spot on ESPN. When he is served with papers naming him in a paternity suit, he is stunned! He may have enjoyed his fame, but could he possibly be the father of 11-yr-old Jonas Baker?

Tasha Flynn is desperately trying to hold her hard-won life together with both hands. After the death of her mentor and saviour, Tasha keeps on running the beauty shop and continues to act as foster mother to Jonas. She is just one step ahead of the suspicious social worker and constantly fighting the urge to pack up Jonas and flee. Her own teenage years on the streets taught her that you can only count on yourself. She has Jonas to protect, and nothing is going to come along to ruin her life. As fate takes its turn, Nick and Tasha discover that things are never simple, and that love brings itís own brand of strength.

Loving You is a fitting conclusion to the Candellano Family trilogy. It is packed with very strong characters and lots of emotion. While Nickís football career gave him golden opportunities, they were earned with a pound of flesh and lost without warning. Tasha has had to fight for everything that she holds dear. And Jonas is the most adorable little boy. All he knows is that his mom, who died so young, always told him that Nick was his dad, and a boy should be with his dad. These three kindred spirits come together on so many levels. When you add the extended Candellano family to the mix, you get an unforgettable story, and a romance to treasure.

Reviewed in June 2003 by Paula.

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