by Margo Maguire

February 2011
ISBN: 9780062018212
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Mass Market Paperback

The Lake District, Spring, 1816

Mercy Franklin hit some bumps in the road the last few months. With the sudden death of her vicar father, followed by her mother’s illness and shocking death bed confession that Mercy was not their biological child, it had taken its emotional toll on poor Mercy. Then Mercy discovered there were no funds left after the Franklins’ deaths, and so Mercy had accepted a position at Ashby Hall as governess to the new earl’s niece.

Captain Nash Farris, the newest earl of Ashby, was not comfortable with his acquired position and title. A military man, badly wounded in battle at Waterloo, Nash only recently came into his title upon the sudden deaths of his two older brothers. Taking along some of his rough ragtag army mates to help him whip Ashby Hall into shape, Nash knew not a one of his men was nursemaid material for his young and vulnerable niece, Emmaline. Unable to relate to the quiet withdrawn child, Nash placed his hopes in the new governess’ abilities to deal with Emmy. What Nash didn’t expect was the straightforward woman who’d read him the riot act on the road to Ashby at a chance encounter. Not only was Miss Mercy Franklin not put off by Nash’s hideously scarred face, but she seemed to actually be attracted to him! He was most definitely intrigued by her. Seducing the Governess was not part of Nash’s plans but his desire for the alluring Miss Franklin was becoming harder to ignore.

Margo Maguire is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the romance arena. Her latest Seducing the Governess is absolutely flawless. Excellent combination of real to life characters, adding just the right amount of mystery and a sweet tortuous romance that will have the reader turning page after page. Seducing the Governess is a must read! Can’t wait for the sequel!

Reviewed in January 2011 by Bonnie.

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