by Jessica Hall

ISBN: 0-451-20946-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

After The Deepest Edge and The Steel Caress, The Kissing Blades is the satisfying final installment in the White Tiger Swords Trilogy.

Kameko Sayuraís teenage shop assistant is kidnapped and she is the prime suspect. Asian crime syndicates are after her, wanting to know the location of a highly sought after sword collection. For help she turns to Sean Delaney. The man that once saved her, kidnapped her and touched her so deeply that to forget him proved impossible.

Sean promised not to get involved again. Heís retired from army intelligence. Heís drunk. Craving Kamekoís touch he fails to resist her and unable to leave her to the police, the army and the crime syndicates, he steps in. Not that he could have done otherwise with her tools of persuasion: a gun, handcuffs and passionate kisses.

Once more Jessica Hall manages the fine balance of romance, suspense and the fascinating world of foreign cultures. In attendance are all main characters of the previous White Tiger Swords Trilogy books, as well as some new faces that promise a welcome return when it comes to their own stories in upcoming Jessica Hall releases. Looking closer at her characters though it becomes obvious that more care is giving to the Asian ones. They are more interesting, rounded and thought out than the rest.

However, whereas the second book didnít come near the first in the trilogy, this one is once more spot on and delivers all the ingredients of a captivating romantic suspense. Ms. Hall has found a formula that works. Itís still a formula though, and as such, spotting it for the third time, it gets slightly tedious. Shame as there is no need for it. Jessica Hall is talented enough to break out and be original.

I still finished reading the The Kissing Blades in one afternoon. Itís fast paced and entertaining. Knowledge of her previous titles definitely helped me to understand all the characters and their motivations. So do yourself a favor and read them all and in order.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Kris Alice.

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