by Candace Camp

June 1996
ISBN: 1-55166-166-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback

There was a naked man on her doorstep.

If that first sentence didn't grab you by the collar and encourage you to read on… well, you would be missing out on a pretty smashing read!

Priscilla Hamilton was astonished out of her skin when she opened her front door and found a huge naked man who fainted away before she can scream bloody murder. But being a curious cat that Priscilla is, she didn't shy away and proceeded to scrutinize the man in his comatosed state… all the while managing not to look there.

"John Wolfe", as Priscilla decided to name him, is in a lot of trouble. Unfortunately, he doesn't know why that is - on top of being bruised, beaten and naked, he suffers from amnesia. However, it doesn't make him entirely dependent on Priscilla and her very liberal family, which consists of an absent-minded father, a prudish but romantic governess and an outspoken cook; in fact, "John" is determined to find out who and why someone is after him.

Priscilla and John are delightful characters! Priscilla is smart, curious, independent - and eager for a true-to-life adventure; John's arrival didn't faze her in the least (she only turns buttery when he kisses her!) and the mystery of who he is, only heightens Priscilla's attraction to him. John, on the other hand, is positive, despite his memory lapse, that he has never met any woman who is as stubborn as Priscilla. But John never would have known Priscilla's character if she wasn't always around "helping" him solve his own mystery. Though the romance started from an instant attraction, Priscilla and John eventually learned to like each other's company, which easily developed into love.

Although the mystery surrounding John, which involves some long ago scandal in the neighborhood, is quite interesting, the romance between Priscilla and John is what makes it a top notch read. Their easy banter and friendship, and obvious sexual attraction are fun to "watch" and make you quickly absorb the book (the actual "coming together" of Priscilla and John is not bad either!). Where the mystery stops, the romance continues as John is persistent in persuading the fearful and reluctant Priscilla into marriage - in addition to admiring Priscilla, you'll also want to knock her upside down when you realize why she's rejecting John!

Candace Camp has successfully brought together all the elements of a good romance - delightful characters, an interesting plot, and steamy sex scenes - in one highly recommended read!

Reviewed in November 2001 by Veronica.

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