by Kathy Kulig

November 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4199-3183-3
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Paula is in her final year of law school and she has the debts to prove it along with all her other bills. The fastest way she knows to make money is to be a stripper, and Destiny is born. Only her boyfriend of sorts shows back up and not long afterward she is fired.

Darius sets into motion a plan that he hopes Paula will accept and be a part of. He wants to start a traveling sex show. The money is good and they set the boundaries on what they will and will not do. She accepts. The request for their unique services comes by word of mouth of former clients or guests.

Paula knows she could be in serious trouble if the ethics committee or any of the professors find out she is a stripper or a participant in the show. But she has no way to pay her debts once she is fired and accepts Darius' offer knowing she has some control over the whole thing.

The story is full of voyeurs who are guests at other shows and then become clients who have their own agenda. Some of them keep upping the ante as to what they can get Destiny to participate in. Just how far will they be able to push Destiny before she says no? We canít forget that she is a law student by day and what will happen to her career is anyone on the ethics committee or a professor finds out what she does when she isnít in class.

The secondary characters are what make the story. If it wasnít for them, then who would Destiny and Darius perform for - no one. The acts they provide from their clients get a little more daring as they go along. If you are a voyeur and want a good show of these acts in the privacy of your own home, then pick up Secret Soiree.

Reviewed in January 2011 by Pam.

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