by Teal Ceagh

November 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4199-3189-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Ellora`s Cave

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On the day of her birthday Taylor Yates asks her vampire boyfriend, Veris, to keep his promise of turning her but is not prepared for his refusal and the ensuing fight. Devastated by Verisís rejection and departure Taylor is unprepared for the life changing news she receives. Taylor continues her life along with her other boyfriend Brody as they both await Verisís return but before that can happen Taylor and Brody are swept back in time to when Brody and Veris first started their almost millennia long relationship. Unfortunately Taylorís presence in Brody and Verisís past throws events off course and Taylor and Brody will have to race against time to fix the damage they have created if the three lovers are to have a future together.

Kiss Across Swords is a wonderfully imaginative story that will grab readers from the first page and hold them transfixed. The relationship between these three strong characters is great to watch as they deepen and renew their relationships. Verisís struggle to accept Taylor and her forward, for that time, behavior is fun to watch as he comes to term with his unexpected attraction to her in the face of his initial desire to begin a relationship with Brody. Teal Ceagh has created an enthralling world filled with fascinating characters that titillate and delight. This is my first time reading a story by Teal Ceagh but her ability to create a story that captures readers and characters with depth will keep me coming back for more.

Reviewed in March 2011 by Claudia.

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