by Jo Goodman

December 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4201-0176-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Dr. Coleridge Monroe receives a letter from the Reidsville Physician Search Committee offering him a position in their city. Without his knowing it, his sister, Whitley answered Reidsville’s advertisement. Cole is sensitive to Whitley’s needs and agrees to give it a try as it also means he can continue his research on germs. As they soon discover, life in Reidsville, Colorado is very different from life in New York. Most notably, the people. Cole makes his way through the town introducing himself as he goes which brings him to the Abbott household. While Cole is with the reclusive father, Judah Abbott, his guide finds the son in dire need of medical help. Expecting to find Ryan Abbott, also known as Runt, Cole is surprised to find a young woman instead. Cole believes Rhyne (pronounced Ryan) will be safer convalescing somewhere other than with her abusive father and takes her back to stay with him and Whitley.

Rhyne is the youngest of the Abbott children and the only one left at home. Her mother died after Rhyne was born. Judah raised her as another son and like her brothers she grew up on the stage. The Abbotts were actors so living in Reidsville as a small-built boy was nothing to Rhyne but a part to play. When her secret is revealed she embraces her womanhood like she does everything else; with strength and courage. She finds living with Dr. Cole Monroe and his sister Whitley calming and healing. That is, until her feelings for Cole begin to change. The desire she feels is anything but relaxing. It frightens her, but Rhyne has never run from a challenge and she doesn’t plan on starting. Cole understands her fears and tries to remain supportive despite his own desires.

There is still Judah Abbott to deal with and he doesn’t make it easy for Cole or Rhyne.

Author Jo Goodman strikes gold with her newest release Marry Me. She has created strong characters whom readers will come to care about within a compelling story line which has more than a few surprises for the reader. There are some disturbing elements in Marry Me, but they are necessary for the story and are well-written.

Cole is my favorite character in this story. Ms. Goodman breathed life into him thereby making him real to the reader. I wish I could say the same about Rhyne. I felt she needed more development as a character. Their growing love for one another was exactly that; growing. The reader can watch it and believe in it as it cultivates. The historic detail is fascinating. Sensual, suspenseful, and witty are but a few words to describe Marry Me. You don’t want to miss it!

Reviewed in April 2011 by Rho.

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