by Jessica Trapp

December 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4201-0095-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Lady Gwyneth of Windrose is the fairest beauty in the land. Bards sing of her tresses and luscious curves, a sight truly breathtaking to behold! Deep down Gwyneth is not what she seems, underneath the act of flipping her golden locks of hair, and fluttering her lashes she is flaunting her attributes to any male who can help her purpose of rescuing the downtrodden women falsely imprisoned. Out of funds and being forced by her brother-in-law to finally take a husband, Gwyneth needs to get control of her dower lands so she will have the freedom and the capital to help these women have a place to go and be safe. Gwyneth enlists the aid of her friend, harlot Irma, in kidnapping an unsuspecting poor soul from the brothel where Irma works to be her husband in name only. Irma claims the man she has chosen is crippled and docile, or so he appears.

Jared St. John recently escaped from the hellish prison where he spent the last three years. Accused of murdering his half-brother, Jared has vowed to find the real murderer. He has disguised himself, and has been hanging around a brothel hoping to gain information about his brother’s death. Then he is drugged and kidnapped and when he awakens he is bound and forced to wed the fair Gwyneth!

Careful what you wish for as Lady Gwyneth is about to find out, she wants her freedom, but her “husband” is not about to give her up now that he has her. Defiant she may be, but Jared is used to taming wild things and Gwyneth has just met her match!

Defiant is a sensual reboot of “Taming of the Shrew.” It’s a page turning story of the battle of wills between two dominant individuals. Jessica Trapp gives depth and emotion to her two main characters, and immediately you will be engrossed in Defiant. Awesome job Jessica Trapp, you have my vote for a romantic winner!

Reviewed in February 2011 by Bonnie.

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