by Marilyn Pappano

June 2003
ISBN: 0-440-24118-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Dell Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

Nolie Harper needs to get away from her in-laws. Widowed and the mother of a five year old girl, she needs to live again. Moving from Arkansas to New York seems like the perfect idea. Moving into one of her two inherited cottages, she not only solidifies her independence but also earns a neighbor in the bargain. A scruffy-looking guy who manages to make her feel wanted and needed, when he is not scaring away her daughter.

Chase Wilson doesnít want or need anything or anyone. At least that is what heís telling himself. Time spent behind bars for a crime he didnít commit taught him not to expect or want a thing. And he definitely doesnít want a little girl believing him to be the bogeyman and her sexy mother upsetting his peace and isolation.

Chase and Nolieís attraction to each other is sizzling. The romance develops and strengthens in little, careful steps. Nothing hasty, unwished or unguarded is happening, providing not only the characters with a heated anticipation for more.

Cabin Fever is obviously part of a series of books set in Bethlehem, NY. It stands well on its own though, while leaving me wanting to read all the other books. This one is all about believing in magic and wishes coming true. Sometimes not too subtle, it is reined in enough not to be annoying.

Reading Cabin Fever even a big city girl like me wouldnít mind experiencing some of that small town magic. The book pays homage to small town life and values. Things that can solve any dysfunctional family. Hey itís fiction and very well done. Sweet and entertaining, Iím not complaining. Itís charming and as such a perfect summer read.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Kris Alice.

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