by Madeline Baker

July 2003
ISBN: 0-451-20916-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Half-breed rancher Chance MacCloud is trying to figure out how to get his ranch out of debt. Even though he is not yet at the point of foreclosure, he is dangerously approaching it. When wealthy banker Edward Bryant and his wife ask for his assistance in finding their long lost daughter, he accepts. He is moved by Mrs. Bryant`s plea and certainly the fifteen-thousand dollars offered in payment would solve all his financial woes.

Winter Rain has spent the last ten years of her life as a Lakota. Snatched away from her parents by Lakota warriors when she was barely seven years old, she is taken in by a couple who lost a daughter her same age. She brought them happiness, and in return, they loved and raised her as their own. When she becomes old enough, she is courted by several young warriors, but she favors only one. Her certainty about marrying the young brave is shaken when she meets a handsome stranger whom she gets to know as Wolf Shadow.

When Chance accepts Edward Bryant`s offer he knows exactly where to look. After having seen Mrs. Bryant and being told that the girl looked just like her mother, except for her eyes which were like her father`s, he immediately knows who Winter Rain really is. Being half Lakota and having kept ties with his tribe, he has no problems reaching their homestead. Among his people, he is known as Wolf Shadow.

Wolf Shadow is Madeline Baker`s 37th book. I must say this is the first one of her books I have ever read and I truly had a great time reading it. The story certainly is an action-packed ride. Both main characters are well rounded and attractive. Even though some parts of the plot are a bit predictable it didn`t affect my enjoyment of this romantic tale. I found Winter Rain and Wolf Shadow`s love story engaging and moving at times, as Wolf Shadow is tormented by his past. This is a read to enjoy for the ride and not for deep thinking or philosophizing of any sort. Wolf Shadow is suitable for readers of any age, as the sensuality level is low.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Mireya.

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