by Cathy Kelly

July 2003
ISBN: 0-525-94739-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Dutton

Sam, Hope, Virginia, and Nicole are each trying to cope with life. Hope feels neglected by her husband. Sam is so busy trying to climb the corporate ladder that she’s forgotten how much she needs to be loved. The widow, Virginia, is merely trying to face each new tomorrow without her husband Bill, and Nicole is the young singer who appears fancy free but actually has a lot on her mind. But the time is coming…when each of them has to let go of the past and preconceived notions and finally open up and decide what she wants.

What She Wants is a snap shot of heartwarming realism. It is a smart tale of four gutsy women who are at turning points in their lives. Cathy Kelly handles their transitions with amazing skill. Each of the leading characters is a spirited heroine who brings lively dialogue and adventure to this well thought out novel. I especially felt a fondness for Nicole. I liked her great sense of attachment to her family even though it pained her at times.

Written in a fresh voice with a lively tone and even flow, the story is quite compelling. The only drawback is that is does start out somewhat slowly, but near the middle, the narrative picks up like a lit match in a can of gasoline. If you make it this far, there is no turning back because you will be hooked on the engaging storyline and the interesting characters.

When the last page is read, Cathy Kelly will have been added to your list of favorite authors.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Natasha.

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